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Homeownership is about to get easier.

The servicing of your mortgage loan will transfer from Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. to Cornerstone Servicing on April 1, 2024.

As your new loan servicer, we'll provide top-notch support from people who care along with services tools geared to simplify homeownership. 

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Your loan will transfer to Cornerstone Servicing on April 1, 2024.

We're excited to help with a seamless transition. Explore what’s changing below, and browse our FAQs for detailed information. Have questions or need help? Find contact information here. We can't wait to serve you!

What's changing and why?

The terms of your loan will not change. This includes your interest rate and loan term.

Monthly automatic payments (recurring ACH drafts) set up with SLS will transfer to Cornerstone Servicing. See important notice here. 

Avenues to manage your mortgage, make payments, and get support will change — for the better! After your transfer date, we'll mail you a letter with details along with your new loan number.

New Ways to Pay

After March 31, 2024, Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. will no longer collect payments to your mortgage loan. Beginning April 1, Cornerstone Servicing will collect your payments and assist with anything you need.

We offer variety of convenient payment options:

  • Call 866.505.0510 beginning April 3

  • Online via our website or app beginning April 6

  • Recurring monthly or biweekly ACH drafts 

    IMPORTANT: If you currently have automatic payments set up with SLS, click here.

  • Mail a check with the coupon on your billing statement to:
    Cornerstone Servicing, PO Box 660217, Dallas, TX 75266-0217

What do you need to do?

Before April 1: 
  • If you have automatic payments set up with SLS, click here for an important notice.
  • Understand that the last day to make or schedule ACH draft payments to SLS is March 28. See details here.
After April 1:
  • Contact Cornerstone Servicing anytime you have questions or need support with your loan. 
  • Begin using our easy and convenient payment options.
  • Register your account online beginning April 6.
  • If you make payments to your loan through a third-party bill pay service, update your payment settings to:
    Cornerstone Servicing
    PO Box 660217
    Dallas, TX  75266-0217
  • Verify your communication preferences online or by phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who to Contact

Through March 31: If you have questions or need help with your loan, please contact SLS are 1-800-315-4757 or TDD 1-800-268-9419.

Beginning April 1: Begin contacting Cornerstone Servicing any time you need support. We're eager to serve you! Here are a few ways to reach us:

Our hours are Monday – Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM MT and Saturday from 8 AM to 12 PM MT.